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Do You Know Where Your Food Really Comes From?


Tracing The Paddock To Plate Journey

Everyone likes to feel confident that their food supply is safe. The community wants the participants in the food supply chain to be able to demonstrate safe agricultural practices and provide quick identification, location, and withdrawal of food when problems are suspected or confirmed.

Producers, transporters, wholesalers and retailers also want to show the public that their practices are safe. By simply scanning a QR code with a mobile phone or smart device, the Leafy Greens Supply Chain tool shows consumers the entire paddock to plate journey, including mandatory certifications.


Importance of Food Traceability

Food traceability has never been more important. Leading businesses such as Walmart, Carrefour and Nestle are involved in the fresh food supply chain adoption of digital traceability technology despite the challenges.

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that further enabling a digitally traceable food system could help create the type of transparency needed to anticipate and help prevent supply chain disruptions in a public health emergency. Ultimately, this will result in a more resilient food system and inform us about how to prevent future outbreaks.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create complete transparency through the use of the Leafy Greens Supply Chain tool to assist in reducing food borne illness.


What Do Certifications Mean?

To be able to effectively keep people safe, everyone in the supply chain must adhere to strict government food safety standards. They are required to be able to show different certificates to demonstrate they are maintaining good standards. Currently, by the time the food gets to the retailer, the customer knows very little about where it came from and how it got there.

Leafy Greens Supply Chain tool keeps everyone informed from the producer to the customer. It verifies each step in the supply chain and records exactly when and where products have moved in the distribution network. Each movement from manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer is recorded using a single QR code. It also has the ability to show the different certifications that were required to produce, transport and sell the product.

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